Crowe Plume
Biographical Information
Kanji クロウプルーム
Rōmaji Crowe Plume
Personal Description
Birthday August 28th
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 115 lbs.
Hair Color White
Eye Color Pink
Blood Type
Quirk Phoenix
Status Active
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Occupation Member of Class 1-O
Affiliation Yuuei
Fighting Style
Base of Operations
Entrance Exam Unknown
Quirk Apprehension Unknown
Class' Grades
Debut Chapter 1
Voice Actor
Image Gallery

"Just because I possess the power of a Phoenix, doesn't mean I believe this world can regain what its lost."
— Crowe Plume

Crowe Plume  (" ク ロ ウ プ ル ー ム, Crowe Plume") é um estudante de Yuuei , tentando se tornar um herói e é um dos principais protagonistas de [].


Crowe is 5'8", has white hair, pink eyes, and usually wears white to symbolize purity.


Crowe is fun and easy going 90% of the time, but the moment you piss him off he will go into full attack mode. The changes in that can be noticed if his eyes go from pink to blue.


Crowe came from an island that was known for its mountains, as Crowe was quite a notorious mountain climber there.


One day while Crowe was climbing an uncharted mountain range at age 10 with his father, he found a snowy cavern and decided it would be best to rest there. Little did he know he was sleeping on the last Phoenix. While he and his father was asleep the Phoenix noticed Crowe did not have a Quirk and that itself was growing old. So it gave its Quirk to Crowe, however Crowe didn't notice this until he scraped his knee and it regenerated in pink flames but he was already off the mountain range. Crowe searches for the Phoenix still after all this time, and goes to Yueii to overcome any challenge that gets between the Phoenix and Crowe.


Phoenix allows Crowe to change his form into a Phoenix and use its abilities, this also makes most of his most severe wounds be healed within seconds with it's literal 'Burnin Heal'


Phoenix Rush - Crowe's arms turn into blue-ish pink-ish firey wings and rushes at the enemy turning into a flying cylinder rushing towards the enemy in one straight path. 

Phoenix Flight - Crowe's arms turn into pink firey wings and takes flight, this is usually used for mobility. Usually. 

Phoenix Shot - Crowe punches out his fist which shoots out a blue (or pink) ball of flames that may leave a trail of blue (or pink) flames. 

Phoenix Punch - Crowe sets his fist on fire with his own flames and punches the enemy, this usually leaves burn marks on the enemy or on the user. 

Phoenix Kick - Crowe sets one of his legs on fire with his own flames and punches the enemy. This has moderate knockback. 

Phoenix 100% - Crowe uses 100% of his Quirk's power  and becomes 1/6 Phoenix (because 1/6 totally doesnt mean smaller @PersonWhoWroteThis)

Phoenix 500,000% - Crowe uses 500,000% of his Quirks power and becomes 1/4 Phoenix. Crowe has only used this once.

Phoenix 1,000,000% -Crowe uses 1,000,000% of his Quirks power and becomes 1/2 Phoenix. 

Burning Heal - The user can heal himself by burning himself at the wound. One time in 500,000% mode Crowe was able to heal his entire body at once while it was constantly being destroyed from the Quirk's own power. 

Spread Heal - The user charges up their arms by crossing them then releases them into the sky, this releases pink embers that heal anyone Crowe considers a friend. 

Equipment and Weapons